Metallic Marshmallow Midnight

7ft x 8ft mural


This video is about a mural I painted for a place called Camp North End in Charlotte NC. The building the mural is on was once a Ford Model T factory, thus the inspiration to do a robot with Model T parts came to me. This was part of a collaboration of 17 mural artists.

This piece, featuring a robot I have named Harrison, is a painting that can mean anything the viewer wants it to be. I have been told multiple interpretations that people have had. One person sees the painting as being about a robot who is patiently waiting for people to return to the abandoned and forgotten Camp North End. Another person told me that it was just fun to look at.

I wanted this to be a fun piece that is an odd medley of illogical things: a robot made of car parts in the middle of space, toasting a marshmallow despite not being capable of eating it, over a fire which should not be able to burn on a moon. It is a quirky, bizarre painting.


The mural was accomplished by first creating a digital sketch and then projecting it onto the garage door. Then, using a mixture of spray paint and paint markers, I recreated the digital sketch on the door.

The video itself was shot by a videographer and friend, Matt Spivey, who I interned with a few years back. He granted me use of the footage to practice my editing skills.

A burst of murals at Camp North End | Charlotte Observer

There was such a wide variety of styles on display. One of our favorite murals was by Emily Isaacs. According to Camp North End’s Varian Shrum, Isaacs is a sixteen-year-old student and she describes the piece as a Model T ‘waiting for people to come back’. (May 2017)

Original Sketch
Timelapse of Color Art
First Day of Painting

Tools Used

  • Procreate
  • Spray Paint
  • Paint Markers
  • Adobe Premiere
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