Metallic Marshmallow Midnight

7ft x 8ft painted mural commissioned by Camp North End


In spring of 2017, the owners of Camp North End, a new real estate venture in Charlotte, NC, asked Matt Hooker to procure artists to create murals for the Boileryard area of thier property. Through good fortune, I was introduced by a friend to Matt. He reviewed my portfolio and commisioned me to create art for bay door six of the Boileryard.


The theme for the mural to be create was “Bringing the future to life.” The building this mural is on was once a Ford Model T factory. My inspiration was to create a futuristic robot of Model T parts waiting for the people to return to the revitalized factory. I draw a concept in my skectbook and created a color proof for Matt Hooker to review using an iPad and Procreate. This was my first time using spray paint and Matt Hooker mentored my on the use of this medium. While painting my mural, I met Matt Spivey who was filming the property and creation of murals for Camp North End. I told him that I was currently taking film classes in school and hoped to pursue film as a career. Matt Spivey provided me with with video footage of my mural and mentored me on editing the video in Adobe Premier.

I learned so much during this project. I so am grateful to have been part of this project and part art community at Camp North End.

A burst of murals at Camp North End | Charlotte Observer

There was such a wide variety of styles on display. One of our favorite murals was by Emily Isaacs. According to Camp North End’s Varian Shrum, Isaacs is a sixteen-year-old student and she describes the piece as a Model T ‘waiting for people to come back’. (May 2017)

Original Sketch
Timelapse of Color Art
First Day of Painting

Tools Used

  • Sketchbook
  • iPad Pro, Procreate
  • Spray Paint, Acryllic Paint, Paint Markers
  • Adobe Premiere
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