The Fairest

12in x 18in photograph

sad woman's face


The Fairest is a photography piece featured as part of my Fairytale Portfolio, depicting the character Snow White in an exploration of female beauty standards. The Fairest speaks highly of how society wants women to look. As children, we watch princesses who are loved because they are beautiful or can sing well, and this influences how we in society view ourselves. The Snow White character represented in this photo appears melancholy because she is only seen as beautiful and “the fairest” because of how she alters her appearance.


I used a camera to take a digital photo of myself, after decorating a room to create a patterned red background. I then used a digital art app and drew over my face, recoloring skin, erasing imperfections, altering hair and eye color, and applying heavy makeup. The result left the figure from the new image unrecognizable as myself. I had the photo printed so that it was to scale, then tore it in half and held up one half to my face. I took a second picture, with half of my face was obscured by the doctored photo.

Tools Used

  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i
  • iPhone
  • Adobe Sketchbook
  • Photoshop
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