4ft x 3ft painting

abstract painting with circles


Full title: The Beauty of Breaking Up: Springtime

This painting was not created for any portfolio; it is one of my few pieces that have no ties to any other piece and was done merely for a personal reason. The painting is an abstract response to a heartbreak I experienced in my final year of high school. My partner of two years ended the relationship after having done some rather hurtful things. This painting was an emotional release for me that helped me overcome the sudden shock and pain of being deceived. The painting represents growth and strength, and about finding beauty in the aftermath. There is a literal silver lining at the top left corner of the piece. Surrounding the blossoming pearl in the middle are swirls and orbs: memories, both good and bad, which have helped me grow.


A really big canvas, good music, time to contemplate, and a lot of paint.

Tools Used

  • A really big canvas and a lot of paint
  • Silver leaf
  • Paintbrushes
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