Photo of Emily Isaacs

Emily Isaacs

Charlotte, NC / Athens, OH

“You will always meet obstacles and doubts, but you can’t let that stop you creating.”

- Jason Fuchs

What inspired me to start creating? I don’t have an answer to that question. I don’t know if anyone does. What I do know is what inspired me to continue creating, when I was close to giving up on any creative pursuits.

In middle school, during those important and confusing years where one doesn’t quite know who they are as a person but they kind of know what they want to be, I was stuck between paths. All my life, my creativeness and imagination had been supported. However, there were people in my life who began to pick at it, chip away at the structure until the foundation was teetering, threatening to fall. I was about to let it, too.

Then I met someone, another creator. Finding someone who shared my same passion completely changed things. All of the fledglings ideas I had before became more tangible and realized.

As with any passion, deterrents have presented themselves time and time again. When I was eighteen, I was fortunate to speak with a screenwriter who has achieved the dream: writing the story that sparked his imagination. His words of advice, quoted above, keep me focused on pursuing my goals.

Featured Work

Below are select projects I have worked on. Use the buttons below to filter by project type.

tv with static
The Midas Effect

Film exploring a reinterpretation of the story of King Midas
(Length 1:20)

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abstract painting

12in x 18in acryllic painting

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woman in water

Film project for IB final demonstrating directing and writing skills.
(Length 5:47)

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stylized Alice in Wonderland
Under Wonderland

12in x 18in digital image

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Model-T Robot
Metallic Marshmallow Midnight

7ft x 8ft mural

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cookie with skewer in it
If Tim Burton Baked A Cake

Film project studying Tim Burton's style of filming
(Length 1:07)

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stylized sleeping beauty
Sleeping Beauty

18in x 12in photograph

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flowers on cake
Cake decoration
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sad woman's face
The Fairest

12in x 18in photograph

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About Me

Photo of Emily Isaacs

Emily Isaacs

Charlotte, NC / Athens, OH

“You can’t go down anybody else's [road]. It’s your dream; it’s your life. You don’t have to be told by other people what you make of yourself. You decide.”

- Linda Woolverton

I am a creator. Art and writing has been a centerpiece in my life for many years, and has brought me a number of great opportunities to express myself. I enjoy works of fiction, both as a medium to interpret and to create. For me, art, writing, and film have become platforms to delve into an exploration of the definition of “darkness” in myths, fairy tales, and stories, as well as what the word means for me personally.

Aside from art, film, and literature, I enjoy a good cup of tea and an excellent internet meme. I perform stand-up comedy on occasion with the comedy club at my university. I currently attend Ohio University to study film, with the intentions of pursuing a career in the film industry.


“Baby steps”

- Bob Wylie, What About Bob?

Much like the endearing Bob, I am babystepping my way into the film industry. Feel free to take a look at more of what I have to offer through the links below.