Photo of Emily Isaacs

Emily Isaacs

Charlotte, NC / Athens, OH

“You will always meet obstacles and doubts, but you can’t let that stop you creating.”

- Jason Fuchs

Illustration of Emily IsaacsWhat inspired me to start creating? I don‘t have an answer to that question. I don‘t know if anyone does. What I do know is what inspired me to continue creating, when I was close to giving up on any creative pursuits.

My instructors in school taught me that art can be anything. It can be the way a person delivers a speech, melding the timbre of their voice into some hypnotic melody; the ability to tell a joke and pull a gentle smile out of someone; stringing words together on a musty smelling page or swiping paint against a canvas.

For me, art is a personal experience. Every time I create something, I am pulling it from my head. Sometimes, I don‘t know how I‘m going to accomplish a piece of art, but I have a vision of the end product. I find a place to start and I work through it, breathing life into the piece as I go. As cliché as it is to say, every work of art that I create really is a part of me. When I show someone my art, I am showing them a small part of myself. “This is me.”

My current goal is to go through these next years with open eyes and ears, truly learning from what is around me, and using those experiences to discover what new emotions surface in my work.

Featured Work

Below are select projects I have worked on. Use the buttons below to filter by project type.

tv with static
The Midas Effect

Film exploring a reinterpretation of the story of King Midas
(Length 1:20)

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abstract painting

12in x 18in acryllic painting

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woman in water
Water Color

Film project demonstrating directing, cinematography, and writing skills.
(Length 4:43)

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stylized Alice in Wonderland
Under Wonderland

12in x 18in digital image

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Model-T Robot
Metallic Marshmallow Midnight

7ft x 8ft mural

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cookie with skewer in it
If Tim Burton Baked A Cake

Film project studying Tim Burton's style of filming
(Length 1:07)

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woman in wave
The Crocodile

Digital Art
(2732x2048 pixels)

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flowers on cake
Animal Portraits

Watercolor animal portraits — various sizes.

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woman in wave
The Fairest

12in x 18in photograph

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“Emily Isaacs has taken three semesters of post-production courses with me, including a year of intensive skills-training on Avid Media Composer in the Ohio University School of Film. Her performance in those courses was outstanding. She is a good listener and a quick study, aka a velcro head. Show or tell her something and it sticks to her head. She is serious about building a career in the business and she’ a fun soul. I have full confidence that she has the interpersonal skills, fundamental Avid skills, and career consciousness.”

Tom Hayes
Associate Professor
of Instruction

School of Film
Ohio University

“Emily is a gifted drawer and painter. She is an incredible filmmaker and writer. She could be a cinematographer, a screenwriter, or a Production Designer if she chose to do so. Her interests and talents span mediums. Emily deeply understands the writing process- character development, story structure and writing visually. She clearly showed this through her original screenplay, Watercolor. Her previsualization work for the film not only beautiful, they served her preproduction process greatly. Her storyboards, her Director’s Vision and visual presentations perfectly communicated the film she wanted to make. If you have a chance to see the film, please watch it!”

Lindsey Martin
Assistant Professor
School of Film
Ohio University

Additional work

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About Me

Photo of Emily Isaacs

Emily Isaacs

Charlotte, NC / Athens, OH

“You can’t go down anybody else's [road]. It’s your dream; it’s your life. You don’t have to be told by other people what you make of yourself. You decide.”

- Linda Woolverton

I am a creator. Art and writing has been a centerpiece in my life for many years, and has brought me a number of great opportunities to express myself. I enjoy works of fiction, both as a medium to interpret and to create. For me, art, writing, and film have become platforms to delve into an exploration of the definition of “darkness” in myths, fairy tales, and stories, as well as what the word means for me personally.

Aside from art, film, and literature, I enjoy a good cup of tea and an excellent internet meme. I perform stand-up comedy on occasion with the comedy club at my university. I currently attend Ohio University to study film, with the intentions of pursuing a career in the film industry.


“Baby steps.”

- Bob Wylie, What About Bob?

Much like the endearing Bob, I am babystepping my way into the film industry. Feel free to take a look at more of what I have to offer through the links below.